Let's talk about money.

Financial literacy creates participation.
Financial education for refugees

In every culture or social setting money has a different meaning and is valued and treated in different ways. Furthermore, the rules of organizing your private finances are manifold.

Many newcomers in Germany are confronted with the challenge of re-organizing their financial existence. There might be the need to adapt and learn new and unfamiliar ways of handling money. Especially for people who have lost their social network of friends and family who used to act as a support in emergency situations.
On request we organize educational workshops and training courses in which we deal with everyday handling of money for newcomers and people in fragile economic situations to improve their skills to deal with potential fraud or financial traps.
But especially we foster constant questioning and the formation of a free an indpendent opinion. With the participants we exchange our approaches to budgeting, discuss challenges and motivate towards a more sustainable handling of money.

We are happy to share our knowledge and offer our workshops to other groups of interest. Get in touch!

Possible topics:

  • My money, your money – Cultural differences in money matters and social meaning of money
  • Consumer protection / consumer rights
  • Paying taxes – how and why?
  • Bank overdrafts, private loans, savings groups credits: What are the differences?

Note: These activities are not and in any kind finance and/or investment advisory offers. The nature of our activities is to provide neutral information, stimulate discussion and enable participants to make informed and viable decisions.


Training for multipliers

We train members of savings groups on the methodology to become multipliers and help others start their own groups. We want the savings groups to become self-replicating and part of a social movement.

The trainings for our ambassadors are held on demand. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us, either individually or as a group. A workshop lasts approximately 3 hours.

Content includes:

  • What is to do?
  • How do I motivate people? Good arguments to start a savings group
  • Identifying group conflicts and finding solutions
  • Explaining the methodology in an easy way
  • Questions and Answers