There's a German saying: When it comes to money, friendship ends.

With SavingBuddies it starts with it.
Who we are

SavingBuddies is a Berlin based non-profit organization. We started in 2014 as a social initiative and spin-off of the Spanish organization ACAF (Asociación de Comunidades Autofinanciadas).

We dedicate our expertise and enthusiasm to the idea of savings groups because we strongly believe in its impact and sustainability. We constantly work on developing and adjusting the concept.
Members, donations, sponsors and public funding enable our work.

Where we stand

Economy, money and finances as a topic of a non-profit organization? Rather unusual.

At first glance, money and social goals may seem in the eyes of many people a contradiction. Yet, we think: as long as the topic of money is left only to the banks, big income earners, stockholders as well as large corporations, economic opportunities and participation will remain a privilege for a specific group of people.

We do not work against our current system, but we create access to opportunities through financial education and self-organisation. Also, we motivate people with good intentions and goals to get interested about money so that they can also have a say and be able to make decisions.


We organize our working areas in small and flexible project teams. We have experience of working with diverse cultures and speak many languages.

Our professional experience ranges from education, entrepreneurship, development corporation, marketing, finance and sustainability consulting. Our strength is our diversity.

Fanny von dem Bussche
Jaime Fernandez
Marietta Feddersen
Verena Burger