Money may not be the key for happiness. But beeing able to handle it in a way that it doesn't make you unhappy is worth gold.

Let's find ways!
We care about money

Yes, because we convey knowledge and provide methods and skills to use money how we should use it: As a means for a good purpose.

Savings groups

We support you in building your own savings group.
Saving together, loaning, exchanging on money issues within your trusted group and jointly investing in projects of value – solidary savings groups motivate you to save money, improve your financial safety and create a new scope for financial independency and action through a social network. We facilitate information and support you with advice, tips and tools.


Workshops and other projects

Financial education contributes to a more equal society. Where does money come from and where does it go? We encourage different groups to join forces and to reflect on this kind of questions.

In round table discussions with bankers, entrepreneurs, those receiving welfare benefits, micro finance experts, researchers, politicians and representatives of other non profit organizations, we provide a platform for local and international exchange.

About us

SavingBuddies started in 2014 as a small initiative in Berlin. Two years later we became an association.
We come from varied professional and cultural backgrounds and our team is constantly growing.

About SavingBuddies
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